Holistic Healing

I am currently taking a break due to ill health.

Holistic Healing Available

  • Reiki – £40 (session last approx. one and half hours)
  • NLP/Life Coaching/Counselling – £60/£50
  • Ilahinoor healing – £40 a session
  • Sound healing – £40 a session
  • Angel and Fairy card readings – £40 a session

Each healing session lasts approximately one and half hours, call today on 01793 347191 or mobile number 07748 113945 to book your appointment.

Children up to the age of 18 years old receive a £5 discount on the adult rate.

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Neuro Linquistic Programming

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a system of alternative therapy which seeks to educate people in self-awareness, self improvement and to change their patterns of mental and emotional behaviour to bring about positive change. In a nutshell NLP can improve the way you think, feel and behave in the every day world. NLP Life Coaching is the perfect tool to help you get on track with your life.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a very powerful form of energy healing. It is an ancient form of healing originating in Tibet and rediscovered by Dr Mikao, a Japanese Christian Minister and Theology teacher. ‘Rei’ means universal and ‘ki’ mean life energy. The healing process is powerful yet gentle, healing on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Reiki energy come from?

Reiki energy comes from the universal healing energy around everyone. When doing a Reiki treatment this energy is accessed and channelled to the client.

Is Reiki a religion?

Although Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. You do not need to have any specific religious beliefs to receive Reiki.

How is a Reiki Treatment given?

In a standard Reiki treatment Reiki energy flows from the practitioner to the client. The client is usually laying down either on a treatment couch or sofa. The client remains fully clothed. The practisioner places their hands on or near the client’s body in a series of hand positions. The whole treatment usually lasts from between 35 and 60 minutes.

What does a Reiki Treatment feel like?

What is experienced during a Reiki treatment varies from person to person. However, feelings of deep relaxation are usually felt by all. In addition, many feel a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through them and surrounds them. As the Reiki energy encourages one to let go of tension, anxiety, fear or other negative feelings a state of peace and well being is often experienced. Some drift off to sleep or report visions and other mystical experiences.

What can be treated with Reiki?

Reiki can have a positive affect on all forms of illness and negative conditions. This includes headaches, migraines, colds, tension, anxiety etc…

What is Ilahinoor?

Ilahinoor (which means “Divine Light” in Turkish) is an important new energy transmission for our time. With its roots in ancient Egypt, it has come to us now at this time of extraordinary global transition to ease our evolution into new dimensions of consciousness.

Ilahinoor is a powerful tool for emotional and physical healing and the release of old self-limiting patterns. It is generally experienced as very nurturing and balancing, as we enter deeply into the body in expanded consciousness.

With Ilahinoor, we can finally come home to ourselves, to experience both a greater aliveness and a deep inner peace. Life begins to flow with greater ease and abundance as we open into a joyful recognition of our true nature.

Book today to experience the beauty of Ilahinoor for yourself….

What is Sound Healing?

Sound is called the forgotten Healer – we all vibrate to our own sound if this rhythm is out of sync then we can feel mentally, physically and emotionally depleted. Sound healing helps to bring us back into harmony by gently reducing stress and creating a deep sense of peace and well being. Why not try some Sound Healing and bring yourself back to harmony – literally get your Mojo back!